FLEX Language Services is delighted to announce that they were the official sponsors of the first East Timor Referendum Cup.

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, FLEX Language Services offer Translation, Interpreting and Language Tuition Services in all major world languages, with over 500 interpreters and translators.

FLEX is pleased to be official sponsors of the first referendum cup which took place at Portadown’s People’s Park over four weekends throughout August. With six teams and over ninety players competing, the tournament was a massive success for the East Timorese Community which was honouring the recent East Timorese referendum.

Francisco Mok, Flex Interpreter and organiser of the East Timorese Referendum Cup, explained:

“First and foremost, I would like to thank FLEX Language Services for supporting the East Timorese Referendum Tournament. The Timorese community are really happy to be able to participate in an outdoor activity which can bring the community out to meet and enjoy.”

Francisco Mok


FLEX work with the East Timorese community in a number of projects including our OCN level four in community interpreting.

Coleen O’Neill commented on why FLEX was so keen to get on board:

“FLEX was delighted to be involved in supporting this event. At FLEX, our community spirit is what makes us strong as a team and our ethos is one of social giving. We strive to help celebrate cultural diversity within Northern Ireland, and provide support to the ethnic minority communities that we work alongside in our daily professional lives.”

Coleen O'Neill

Recruitment and Administration Manager, FLEX Language Services

Francisco Mok continued:

“Thank you to FLEX for being so supportive throughout the tournament. The Timorese community are hoping for more events to be organised and hopefully, we will get support from FLEX again in the future.”

Francisco Mok


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