What impact would a £5000 Innovation Voucher have upon your business?

Innovation Vouchers provide up to £5k worth of funding to SME’s through providing business experts from a University, College or other Public Sector Research Body to bring new knowledge, helping your businesses innovate, develop and grow.

What are Innovation Vouchers?

Innovation Vouchers are funding vouchers specifically designed to support new business ideas and growth with expert help also provided. Open to all small and medium enterprises in Northern Ireland their aim is to help pre-start, start up and growing businesses explore business ideas and innovate in their field.

Projects supported would include:

  • Ideas for new or improved products, processes and services
  • Product and service testing
  • Access to information and expertise on new materials
  • Tapping into research and scientific expertise

How could my business use Innovation Vouchers?

Some examples of how Innovation Vouchers could be used in your business include:

  • Food Manufacturer – How to make your produce gluten, dairy or sugar free or nutritional information
  • Product Manufacturer – Researching new production methods, 3D Printing or alternative suppliers/materials
  • Retailer – Exporting innovative produce or researching making something locally as opposed to importing

How Ortus Can Help

At Ortus we are dedicated to helping you start up and grow your business and can assist in securing Innovation Vouchers. We can:

  • Write your business plan and provide a two-year financial forecast to assist in the initial understanding of the business idea and clarification on the Innovation Voucher idea. This is through our Go For It Programme.
  • Signpost you in the completion of the Innovation Voucher application form

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