Sonal Sportz NI is a multi-sport coaching company providing professional sports programmes for children aged 18 months to 11 years old. Local entrepreneur Paul Morgan utilised his 1st class honour degree in Sport Coaching and School Sport to follow his dream to impact children through sport.

Business Idea

The inital idea was the provision of primary and nursery school sports programmes. Impacting children through sport in a range of schools across the country but initially focussing on West Belfast.

Paul commented:

“The idea of impacting children through sport in a range of schools across the country appealed to me so I decided to start my own business. I didn’t want the business to be “just another sports coaching company” so I started to develop programmes that not many others have.”

Paul Morgan

Sonal Sportz NI

Business Growth

After initially starting in West Belfast, Sonal Sportz NI now has programmes in North & West Belfast, Newtownabbey, Lisburn and Moortown in Mid-Ulster. It also employs 6 coaches who work with schools during the week and with the public at weekends.

Sonal Sportz NI Programmes

Tiny and Mighty Kickz Football
18 months – 5 years old
“This is a fun-based learning programme that is centred on football in which children come to learn and develop all they key areas that a toddler needs in their growth with their parents being an instrumental figure in the sessions.”

Activate 2 Educate
Implements the children’s Mathematics curriculum into physical Maths sports sessions
“We liaise with the teacher of each group and we challenge the children on what they are learning in class through fun activities and sports sessions.”

Go For It Programme

“I have benefited immensely on the programme as although I had an idea of what I wanted to do, I didn’t know where to start and that’s when I came across the Go For It programme. With the help of their advisors, I was able to develop a business plan, set out realistic targets and be able to make a living in a field of work that I have a lot of passion for.

I would 100% recommend it to others who are thinking about starting their own business.”

Paul Morgan

Sonal Sportz NI

Business Future

As Sonal Sportz NI continues to grow Paul has a strong plan for where he wishes to take the company.

“I have plans to franchise my Tiny and Mighty Kickz Toddler Football Programme to other driving and ambitious people across Northern Ireland and beyond while I also have plans to open up my own Sonal Sportz Centre which I have already taken the first steps to do as I had met with a business advisor in Ortus recently regarding this idea.”

Paul Morgan

Sonal Sportz NI

In addition Paul is aiming to hire more coaches on a full time basis and working with more schools to introduce the programmes further afield.

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Go For It Programme

Go For It Logo

The Go For It Programme is delivered by Belfast City Council through a number of local agencies including The Ortus Group.

This project is part funded by Invest Northern Ireland and the

European Regional Development Fund under the Investment for Growth & Jobs Northern Ireland (2014-2020) Programme.

For more information on the Go For It Programme click here.